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Step by Step Guide (Click to view)

  1. Apply for a Passenger Endorsement on your driver’s licence
  2. Obtain a Certificate of Fitness on your Runabout vehicle. Your vehicle must be 12 seats or less. If you require child-safety lock magnets you can purchase these through us. Just email us at to order. There are no age restrictions on your vehicle.
  3. Insure your vehicle with cover that includes the provisioning of ride-share services. Note, this is unlikely to be covered under standard insurance policies. Get a copy of your insurance policy from your provider.
  4. Once you have your ducks in a row fill out our online form to sign up! You will be able to upload the documentation through the online sign-up process. You’ll need to enter:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Bank Account Details
  • Vehicle Make and Model
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • A photo of your driver's license front and back
  • A photo of your passenger endorsement identification card
  • A photo of your Certificate of Fitness
  • A copy of your vehicle insurance document showing you are covered for ride-share services
  • A photo of your standard vehicle rego label
We will post you an envelope full of goodies! You will receive documentation on how to download and use the driver app, a Runabout sticker and Transport Service Licence to display on your vehicle, and details on how to log your hours in our electronic log book system.
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Runabout with us, we think you’ll like it here…

Becoming a Runabout driver is probably the most convenient job in small-town New Zealand. You can work your own days and hours, just log into our driver app when you’re available to pick up rides and log out when you’re done. You may like to work part-time during the day or evening when you have a few spare hours. Maybe you want to make Runabout driving your full time job? Or, you can just log in when there are special events in your town and make the most of the high-demand. The choice is yours! Unlike other ride-share companies we do not force you to work a set number of hours, nor do we have surge pricing.

Runabout drivers earn at least 80% of the fare charged to the passenger. For driver income estimations and passenger pricing please download the information below.

Our drivers also help local businesses thrive by delivering items around town. Every Runabout driver is offered both passenger and delivery jobs and pricing is the same for both so it is equally as profitable to do a delivery as well as a passenger ride.
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Become a driver

The Driver App:

When you are accepted as a Runabout driver you will be giving the link to download our driver app to your smartphone. Our app is very simple to use but you will be provided with full training documentation before you start.

When a job comes in it is offered to the closest available driver to the pick-up location. You will be provided with the passenger’s name, contact number, and destination.

As a security measure, only passengers registered through the app can book a Runabout. We do not accept passengers who have not pre-registered.

The driver app has an in-built GPS and will direct you the shortest distance to the passenger’s destination.

When you arrive you simply charge the passenger’s registered debit card through the app, you will never be required to handle cash which is safer and more convenient for you.

Once the passenger has been delivered you will be offered new jobs as they become available.

When you’ve had enough, simply log out of the app and bob’s your uncle.
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To be a Runabout driver you must hold a Passenger (P) Endorsement on your driver’s licence. These are provisioned by the NZ Transport Authority. You can download the application form and information pack below. You must pass a background check, driver licence check, medical assessment, and have held a full NZ driver’s licence for at least two years.Your vehicle must have a Certificate of Fitness. This is a more comprehensive inspection than the standard Warrant of Fitness. These can be obtained from your local VTNZ.

You must hold a Transport Service Licence. If you don’t have one we will issue you one when your driver application has been approved. There is no cost for this.

Download the forms below for further information.

Additional Requirements:

Runabout drivers are self-employed individuals who provide their driving services to Runabout. This means you must complete your own tax obligations with the IRD. We know this can be tricky so we have asked our mates at Rideshare Consultants who are expert taxation consultants for ride-share drivers to give you a hand. They can also give you tips to maximise your income as a ride-share provider. See their website for further information. You must have vehicle insurance that covers you for providing ride-share services. We recommend you shop around because costs vary widely between providers.

Runabout drivers must log their driving hours in our electronic log book system. This is a legal requirement that all drivers must adhere to. We will give you access and instructions on how to do this. There is no charge to you to use our log book system.

If you have any questions send us an email to we are more than happy to help.
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Driver pay estimation (Click to view)

Driver pay estimation

This below provides potential Runabout drivers with an estimation of their profit margins (income minus expenses) to assist in determining whether becoming a Runabout driver is a financially viable source of income. 

Total Passenger Fare 

This is the total cost of the ride to the passenger. This fare is made up of the base fare + (cost per km/h passenger multiplied by distance travelled) + waiting charge.

Base Fare

$5.80 This is a fare charged to all passengers regardless of other variables. 

Cancellation Fee 

$10.00 Charged to the passenger if they cancel the booking after the driver has accepted the ride. 

Waiting charges 

The passenger is not charged for the first 5 minutes on the driver's arrival. They are charged for the full amount of time a driver waits during a stop in the journey. $1.35 per minute.

Per km charge

$1.35 with the first 500 metres of the journey free. 

Vehicle running costs

Drivers are reimbursed by the IRD for the total cost of running a business vehicle. The current rate for this as at May 2021 is 82 cents per kilometre. The amount the driver must incur (i.e. they are not reimbursed is 18 cents per kilometre).

Runabout Service Fee 

18% of the total passenger fare.


Estimated here at 17.5% of the total passenger fare. 17.5% is the middle personal tax rate in NZ but this will vary between 10.5% and 39% depending on the driver’s other sources of income. 


In NZ you pay GST on earnings over $60,000 per annum. The estimate below is inclusive of GST due to the assumption that the average Runabout driver would drive as a secondary source of income rather than a full-time job therefore earn less than $60,000 annually, although the number of hours worked is at the discretion of the driver. 

Sample driver income estimation

The following example assumes the driver is located in Charles Street, Carterton when they receive the job request. They must travel to Park Road and drive the passenger to Mitre 10 Mega in Masterton, wait 15 minutes, then return the passenger to Park Road. It assumes the passenger is ready to go when the driver arrives so there is no waiting charge on arrival. It also assumes the passenger does not cancel (no cancellation fee), and is on the income tax rate of 17.5%

Distance Charles Street to Park Road 


Distance Park Road to Mitre10 


Distance Mitre10 to Park Road


Total Driver Distance


Total Passenger Distance


Total Chargeable Passenger Distance 



Total Passenger Fare

=(per km rate*Total Chargeable Passenger Distance)+base fare+ waiting time =(1.35*25.5)+5.80+(1.35*15) 
= $60.48 

Vehicle Running Cost 

$0.18 * Total Driver Distance = $5.22 

Tax Payable 

0.175* Total Passenger Fare = $10.58  

Runabout Service Fee 

0.18*Total Passenger Fare = $10.89 

Total Driver Profit after Tax and expenses

= Total Passenger Fare – Vehicle Running Costs – Tax Payable – Runabout Service Fee = $33.79 

Estimated time of job

45 minutes

Before filling out the sign up form please take time to read our terms and conditions by downloading the attached.

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