locals driving locals


Welcome to Runabout! Runabout is New Zealand's small town ride-share service where your neighbour will pick you up and take you from A to B.


Runabout was established in rural Featherston, NZ to help people get across small town New Zealand when there are limited taxi and public transportation options available. Maybe you need a ride home from the supermarket in the rain, or a lift home from the RSA? Maybe you bought something too big to carry home? A local Runabout driver will pick you up and drop you off! We might even fit your dog in too!


In communities across New Zealand, especially our rural communities, loneliness and unemployment are all too common. Runabout aims to bring employment to our smaller communities boosting the local economy and by providing a way for locals to meet locals.

Runabout is currently recruiting drivers in Kapiti and Wairarapa. When we have enough drivers to service passenger demand we will launch our booking app!

We can't wait to have you on board!

The Runabout Team